Marketing Services

The CherriPik system tightly links offers and locations to get you more exposure with customers and prospects alike. For example:
  • You’ll show up on the map with an offer badge attached to your logo pin.
  • Customers will find all available offers listed on your Location Details page.
  • When customers view your full screen image in the offer carousel they can connect to an offer details page with links to available locations.

Your Logo pinned at location coordinates. A special tag if offers exist at that location.


Details about the location including a list of the offers available.


Full Screen Ad entices customers to your location


Offer Details include limited use capabilities, description, terms, and links to valid locations.


Three easy steps to get your offers in the hands, literally, of more customers:

1. Register your business

We’ll need:

  • Your Business Name, Logo, and Category
  • Administrative Contacts - those who can manage your locations and offers.
2. Add your locations

Get your NAP right on CherriPik and let everyone know that’s how to find you.

  • Location Data includes Your Store Identifier, Region, Address, Geo Code, Phone, Hours, Seasonality, Holidays, and Miscellaneous Attributes.
  • Send us a regular upload of your location data so we can keep current with your business.
    • Use our Published XML document or upload an excel spreadsheet
    • Custom programming available. 
  • Need help with your GEO Coding - Have your store managers load the app and send correct coordinates for their location. 
3. Launch your offers

You can add any number of offers to CherriPik. When you have multiple offers we place them in your own Catalog.  

  • There are two types of Offers:
    • Everyday: Offers shown for the category and location selected by the customer.
    • Favorites: Offers presented when you are a favorite brand. We call these SweetDeals.
  • Offer Details can include Offer Name, Offer Image, Offer Description, Start Date, Expiration Date, Fine Print, Sale Price, Original Price, Usage Limit, and Bar Code Graphic.
  • Offer can be National, Regional, or single store
  • An impression occurs when a customer is presented your offer image.


Both affordable and un-complicated:

  1. Location Package: $500 plus $1/additional location, includes logo, map pin, details & location verification. Annual package.
  2. Offers - $150/offer plus $1/additional location - includes offer image (jpg or gif), details, redemption code, and tracking. Offer valid for up to three months.
    1. 3 Pack: $300 plus $1/additional location
    2. Yearling (4): $400 plus $1/additional location
    3. 6 Pack: $500 plus $1/additional location
    4. Baker's Dozen (13): $900 plus $1/additional location


Reach new customers, Reward loyal customers. CherriPik’s ‘Smart Offer System’ uses offer intelligence to help you put the 'right' offer in everyone's pocket.

  • Priority Placement: Get your map logo on top of everybody else's logo. Bidding starts at $100/month.
  • Custom Offer Creative: Need help designing your offer, use our designers. $250/offer
  • Video – Add a video component to your Offer. A video button appears on your offer image and links to a video. You only pay when someone starts your video - $0.50/video start
  • Custom Rewards Program – We work with you to implement a loyalty program. Price varies depending on your program.

Limited Time Offer!

  • Get $200 off any Offer package (single offer not included) when you purchase a Location Package.
  • Promo Cards - get a pack of 500 cards to promote your business on CherriPik when you purchase a Location Package.

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