Nothing goes better together than a good offer and the nearest place to get it. That’s CherriPik! A smartphone app that helps people find offers and locations for their favorite brand name stores, restaurants, and places to stay. For businesses we provide:
  • Instant recognition – we pin your locations on the map using your logo!
  • Location Based Offers – link national, regional, or single store offers to any location.
  • Loyalty Programs – provide your best customers with SweetDeals and SweetRewards.
  • Feedback – get stats on your brand, offers, and locations. Crazy good stuff! 

Hey, don't get mad, get CherriPik!

If your first impulse is to be mad because we put your logo on a map – take a step back and look how convenient it is for customers to find you. When they see your logo, your odds go way up. If we have the wrong logo just contact us and we’ll change it.

Hey, don't get mad, get CherriPik!

Don’t get mad if some locations show up in the wrong place, tell us and we’ll correct it. We didn’t make this stuff up, and that probably means it’s wrong on other maps as well – just more visible on CherriPik, because we make you more visible.

Hey, don't get mad, get CherriPik!

Don’t get mad because you’re sharing space with competitors. Like it or not, sharing isn’t new – think blue logo interstate signs, Sunday inserts, yellow pages. – Get MAD that you’re not a favorite – and let’s do something about that, together!!!

Location, Location, Location

Dear Brand Marketer, have you ever been some place unfamiliar and tried to find one of your locations? You might have an advantage – but for those who use search engines and map apps, you’re hidden in a sea of pins. At CherriPik, we put your logo right on the map so people can find you without playing hide and seek.

Speaking of finding locations, did you know that over 40% of business locations shown on maps are in the wrong place? Work with us to get all your locations listed and showing up in the right place - then customers can find you in an instant, no matter where they are! Check out Our Services or Contact us online.

Location Based Offers

Yep, it’s universal, the best way to boost sales is to get and retain more customers. Special offers are a great way to do just that. In fact, everyone likes to see offers – not as an interruption, but just how CherriPik works – on their own time. 

Get customers excited about your business with beautiful full screen offers. Plus, you no longer need to worry about ‘Good at Participating Locations’ because each offer is linked to where they can use it. 

Use CherriPik to display a single offer or display multiple offers in your own Catalog. Contact us online or browse Our Services for more information about our unique offer system.

Loyalty Strategy

Just when you thought – hey let’s make an app – so did every other brand. Trouble is, customers aren’t going to load an app for each of their favorites. What they will do is load ‘one app that has them all.’ 

CherriPik helps customers find all their favorites, and helps you provide special offers to both your ‘Besties’ and prospects!

  • SweetDeals® - special offers to entice new customers.
  • SweetRewards – special offers for your repeat customers.

Learn more about our loyalty programs, see Our Services or Contact us online.

Feedback You Can Use

We’ve built lots of feedback into CherriPik so you know how well you’re meeting customer needs. While we don’t provide individual level detail, we can give you statistics on your Brand, Locations, and Offers.

  • Brand – get info on how many have placed you in their favorites - a great way to get a grasp on brand loyalty.
  • Locations – unlike sites where users judge you in a category, CherriPik asks customers to compare the current location against your other locations.
  • Offers – we can tell you how many saw the offer, viewed details, unlocked an offer code - and - how many put the offer in the trash. 

Contact us online for more information about our Feedback system.

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