Fitting & Zidd is a web and app development company located in New Jersey. We started building apps because what we could find in the App Store or Play Store either wasn’t easy to use or didn’t meet expectations. Cherripik was born out of the frustration of having to download multiple store apps and search them all for coupons and offers. ‘Mark it Find it‘ started when we found people walking around a big parking lot looking for their car, and the apps were not simple to use. And, we created ‘Card Yard‘ to hold all those loyalty/reward cards rather than forgetting them at home or in the car. Our guiding principle: Keep it Simple.


Privacy for All Our Apps

You entrust us with Private Information in order to use our services. That trust is important to us. So, unless required by law or with your express permission, we do not share or sell any personally identifying information, period. In some cases we may register an app so that we can improve your experience and we make use of certain device services like maps and camera to provide our service. We may though, from time to time provide anonymous and aggregated statistics for marketing purposes. If at anytime you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us online or write to us at Fitting & Zidd, LLC, 101 Church St., Bloomsbury, NJ 08804.



We grant you a limited license and permission to access and make personal use of our apps but not to download any portion of it for any commercial purpose or to modify any portion of it. You may display and occasionally copy and print a single screen for your personal, non-commercial use, but you may not otherwise reproduce any material. Any violation of the forgoing will terminate the permission and license granted by us to access and make use of these apps.

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