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Logos on a Map!

Seeing is believing

It doesn’t take a genius to know that those generic map pins are about as useful as a pet rock. But with CherriPik, we’ve pinned actual brand logos right on the map. Now, in an instant, you can actually see what’s around you and where you want to go.

Mark My Spot!

Mark it now, find it later

Have you ever parked the car –in a giant parking lot, on a side street, at a music festival – and then couldn’t find it? With CherriPik quickly mark your spot, then, when you need to find your way back, just tap find my spot. So easy, so simple, and all in one app.

Favorites on the Go!

The brands you love wherever you go

With CherriPik, just add the stores, restaurants, and places to stay that you love to your favorites – hide the ones you don’t. Then wherever you go - you can easily find your closest favorites. Wow!

Offers in your Pocket!

On your time

Just about everyone is looking for a deal, a reason to try something, a new product you crave, want, or desire – you just don't want to be slapped in the face with it. With CherriPik it's all on your terms and your time. You decide when to view, what to keep, what to trash, and what to use. You’ll find it’s great having all your offers in one place, so let businesses know that CherriPik is where you look!

Reward Cards!

Never forget them again

These days, just about every store has a loyalty/reward program that makes you carry yet another card. But have you ever forgotten your card or maybe you’re just tired of that key ring albatross? Of course there’s an app for that – but – who wants yet another app. Not me, so we built it into CherriPik. All your favorites…all your cards…all your offers…all in one place. That’s the way to go!

We’re Asking

Better means better

You gotta start somewhere. So, to get a jump-start on things, we bought our data, and ‘whooo’, we know it’s close but not perfect. That’s where you come in. Whenever you find a biz outta place use ‘Location Corrections’ on the BizView screen to let us know. When you see a new brand or location we don’t have - send us feedback. We’re all about getting it right!

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